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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What's new...

So, what's new these days?  It has been a real long time since I've posted anything.  Well, first off, I have a newish dog.  Actually, we've had her since February.  Her name is Bella and she's a small cairn terrier.  The same kind of dog that was in The Wizard Of Oz, but her coat is yellow with white trimmings.  She's my little baby.  My family adopted her from another family that was moving back to Vietnam and they gave her to us.  Although, my sis kinda liked her at first she has given up responsibility for her and has given her to me.  Actually, in the 3nd week of having her, my sister threatened to give her away as she was complaining that Bella was shedding too much.  I pleaded with her to keep Bella as she made me really happy and my sister decided not to list her on Kijiji.  I didn't fall in love with her right away either, but after a couple of weeks of having her around, she grew on me.  So a couple of months back, my sis and bro-in-law decided that she couldn't really stay upstairs all the time anymore as she was shedding too much and told me that she has to stay downstairs with me if I want to keep her.  I was confused at first about the notion as if she's never allowed to go upstairs but as it turns out they don't want her upstairs most of the time.  So she comes up with me when I go upstairs to eat and the like but she stays downstairs most of the time and sleeps beside my bed.  Here's what she looks like:

As cute as she looks, she's a little vicious though.  I call her Bella bin Laden sometimes as she terrorizes anything and anyone in her path.  She always barks at strangers walking on the street and can't help but bark at other dogs in the neighbourhood.  She always goes after birds and squirrels too.  Good thing we live on a small side street that's a deadend without that much traffic.  She's always chasing other animals across our street into our neighbour's yard.  Lately, she's been trying to bite me when I try to comb her hair after I give her a shower in the sink in the laundry room.  I've figured out a neat new trick to pull on her though to prevent her from biting me.  I literally pull up her tail so she can't reach back to bite me and that seems to make her stop trying.  She hates it when I comb her hair.  She's nipped me a couple times already and it hurts a little.  So, that's my Bella bin Laden.

So yesterday, I started a campaign to fundraise in order to pay off my traffic fine that I was convicted of.  If you've read other posts on my blog, you may remember that back in June 2013, I was stopped by a police officer for not stopping for an ambulance in downtown Toronto.  I was given 2 tickets at the time with a combined fine of about $1,000. One charge was failing to stop for an emergency vehicle and the other was careless driving.  Well, I fought both charges in court and was found guilty of failing to stop.  The careless driving charge was withdrawn by the prosecutor after the officer took the stand.  At the time I was stopped, someone witnessed the exchange between the officer and I and he came up to me afterwards to give me his info for him to testify in my case.  Suffice to say, I wasn't able to call him up during the trial as anything circumstantial to my original violation was inadmissible in the court's view.  So after the trial, he told me, "You tied your case, so that's not too bad."  And yes, it's better than paying over a thousand dollars worth of fines and for them to tack 10 demerit points onto my driver's license file.  But I still have to pay the failing to stop fine and the prosecutor even raised the fine after the verdict was given.

The total fine is $615 that I have to pay by Dec. 5th, 2014.  Now, that I'm unemployed I really have no way of saving up that amount.  My last job I had was at a call centre doing political surveys on behalf of different conservative parties in Canada.  So, we recently had an election in Ontario and I would have been calling on behalf of Tim Hudak.  However, the contracting office failed to call me up to schedule any shift times.  Most likely because they didn't want me back.  But to be honest, I was getting a little tired of that job anyway.  Can you imagine trying to sell Hudak's idea of hope?  Union-busting and laying off 100,000 public sector workers.  It didn't work.  Here's a meme I created that describes his utter failure:

So I'm not working at the moment.  But back in May, I started a small computer repair business working from home.  Over the years, I've compiled a suite of PC software that I use monthly to clean out my computer.  Over time and use, your computer can get clogged up with registry errors and temporary files and all sorts of other clutter.  These programs that I use completely cleans out your computer of any clutter thus making your computer run and boot up faster.  This is what I use when I get a call to fix someone's computer.  I did a little research and found that other people who offer the same type of service and post on Kijiji charge as much as $45 per computer.  So, I posted on Kijiji and Craig's List offering my services at $30.  When I first posted the ads, I got a client right away and she needed 2 laptops fixed.  Took me about 24 hours to get both running optimally.  Usually, it takes less time but the HP laptop that I was fixing was super slow at first so that took a while to repair.  So, I'm not sitting at home all day eating bonbons and am still actively looking for other work.  However, it's not that consistent and I don't get that many calls.  Hopefully, the more computers I fix, over time, I will get more clients through referrals.

In the last little while, I've been thinking, "How do I come up with $615 to pay off this fine."  And I thought of crowdsourcing the necessary funds to pay it off.  I researched a few sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, however, those platforms are limited to project based fundraising.  My friend told me of another site but after Googling some sites and reviews, I discovered Fundrazr.  The great thing about Fundrazr is that they let you create campaigns to raise funds for any kind of purpose, plus, they are Canadian-based.  Their fees for using them is comparable to other sites and receiving the funds is very simple.  So I decided to build my campaign on their platform, with images and video and all the necessary info to move someone to donate.  You can find the campaign at the following web address: ...

When I first launched, I created a FB event telling friends about it as well as sending a text message to most of my friends on my phone.  I also messaged my cousin overseas.  When my cousin received my message through Skype, he donated $50 right away.  Then a friend I've known from high school texted me back and said, "Hopefully, $50 will help."  So right away, I got 2 contributors with a total of $100 donated towards my $700 goal.  Along with the fees associated with using Fundrazr, I estimate that $700 would be needed to approximately reach $615.  If you can take the time to view my campaign and if you can afford to, please support and share my fundraising campaign.  I really appreciate it.

Finally, back in May, I had the opportunity to play out again.  It was another edition of "Keep Calm and Party On" hosted by Univox Choir at Tota Lounge on Queen West.  We had planned to record my set, however, facing technical difficulties with one of the needles all night, the set did not go as accordingly.  Plus, my buddy forgot to save the sound file when he packed up for the night.  So, you may say it's a goner.  However, I was able to get a track list from the night and the day before my birthday back in June, I recorded an epic mix consisting of all the tunes I played from the night and uploaded it to SoundCloud.  You can find the mix here: 

It was a really fun night playing out again.  I actually met a girl who was a friend of someone from the choir and we really connected.  Turns out she is a fan of trance music and we chatted for a while throughout the night.  She and her boyfriend were right in front of the booth the whole time I was playing.  I even played this one tune that she mentioned called "RAMelia" which she confessed at the end of the night actually made her cry.  After coming home the next day, I looked up this tune on YouTube and actually read the description and realizing the tragedy from this track, it brought tears to my eyes.  The producer who produced the track had suffered the lost of his wife and made it as a tribute to her.  It made me think of my mom who passed away in July 2004.  My mom also shares the same birth date as I do, so when I made my mix just before my birthday on June 10th and included this track in the mix, in a way, my mix is also a tribute to my mom.  It's now been 10 years since her passing and as they say, "Time heals all wounds."

Thanks for taking to time to read what I share...

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Been a real long time...

Wow, it's been so long since I've last blogged.  The last time I posted something was in the summer on my birthday.  That was back on June 10th.  Well, so much has happened since then, where do I begin?  But to be honest, ever since the Snowden revelations, I didn't much feel a need to blog and divulge my personal life so openly online.  I don't know, I'd rather not have the NSA document what I've been up to in my life, since they're spying on everyone around the world.  If you're not aware of the NSA spying, then you're probably a hermit or Buddhist monk living in Tibet.  By now, everyone who's got a computer should've stumbled upon a story here or there, there's been tons of reports in various different media outlets.  Just Google NSA spying or Prism and the results will be plenty.  Anyway, so what have I been up to?

Well, since Snowden, I've been making memes and posting them on FB.  Some are funny, some are critical of the US, and some are just plain dumb news stories that make you kinda shake your head.  I was making quite a few everyday when the news broke about the NSA but since then, not so much anymore.  I guess I've lost interest over time, but my memes album has almost 300 images and all varying issues.  You can view the album here: ...  Here's the latest meme I made:

And this one was when news broke of the crack video:

The whole story is pretty ridiculous.  It was the talk of the town the other day.  But you know, I told my sis and bro-in-law about it, and my bro-in-law basically said it's just political gossip for me.  Which is kinda true, but I told him, "You gotta hold politicians to a higher standard, since they were elected to serve the public."  But they don't really care much about politics anyway.  I think I'm the only person in my family and extended family who likes to discuss politics.  Most Viets don't care much for politics or let alone even vote during elections, I find.  I think my dad who lives in the States voted for Obama but that's about it.  Not even my lil bro who lives in the States with him voted in the 2012 election.  I speak to my lil bro in FB sometimes and he's mentioned to me that he was kinda let down by all that talk about "Hope & Change" that were Obama's talking points in 2008.  Well, there's not much hope and Obama has just been a continuation of Bush policies.  If you want to debate me about Obama, I'm more than happy to oblige.  But surprisingly enough, I was recently unfriended by a couple of dudes who disagreed with me and I guess they didn't approve of some of my Obama memes.  But oh well, who needs them anyway.

So, what else have I been up to?  At the beginning of September, I was enrolled into another adult education class, I'm just 1 credit shy of getting my OSSD.  However, the class that I enrolled in was such utter BS!  So it's supposed to be a grade 11 IT/Business course.  Sounds interesting right?  Wrong!  I went to only 2 classes and was like, "Hell no, what am I doing here."  The teacher was kinda interesting though.  She was this Jamaican lady, but honestly, she had so many stories to tell that she kept digressing from the course material.  When she finally told us what we were actually going to be doing, I literally shook my head and was like WTF.  So the course consisted of typing skills throughout.  Ok, I type 45 words per minute ever since grade 10 back in the 90's.  No biggie.  Then she told us that we would be mostly studying how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  And that's when I decided not to go back.  Not only do I already know how to use those 3 programs but the MS Office that we were going to be learning on in the class computers was Office 2007.  I thought that's really redundant and I have Office 2013 on my laptop.  What's the point of me learning how to use the 2007 version.  In 2013, everything is changed and some of the options and commands are in different places.  So I didn't go back to class after the 2nd class I attended.  Plus, I got called back into work to do the political surveys again and there was no way that I would do an 8 hour afternoon/evening shift, come home late, and wake up early to make a 10 o'clock class.  But there's not much more I can say about my job, it's part-time, minimum wage, and really easy work.  That is all.

On another life decision I had to make in September was a bit of a sad one.  After weeks of debating my choice and thinking about it, I decided to take a break from my choir.  However, I only notified the director of my decision on the weekend prior to first rehearsal.  He was a little disappointed and asked me why I decided not to come back.  Since I was off work for the whole summer, I was really broke at the time and told him that part of the reason was the cost of the membership fee.  But it's not just the membership fee that I was thinking of.  There was also the cost of the retreat that was going to happen immediately after the first rehearsal as well as travelling costs from Mississauga to Toronto every week.  Then there's the tour at the end of the season.  I had a load of fun with the choir during last June's tour but I ended up spending a lot of money that weekend, and ended up owing my sister more money than I already owe as I had to borrow money from her to be able to go on tour.  So not being able to afford this next season was one of my big concerns.  The other one is the travelling itself.  It takes 2 hours each way to travel from Mississauga to Toronto and back.  So, I would be in transit a total of 4 hours each Tuesday.  Rehearsal finishes at 8 and I would only get in my front door by 10 pm.  Unfortunately, I didn't want make that time commitment.  If I had a car and was able to drive, it would make it easier to get to and from rehearsal but I don't even have a license and only own an old bicycle.  Public transit is the only option in Mississauga, and sometimes, I would bike the rest of the way once I reach Islington station.  I just didn't want to make the trek every week any more.  It is a really long trek.  I do miss singing though.  It was really fun for those 3 seasons I was part of the choir.  I'll still go to the concerts when they come up and I still help them out in anyway I can as a kind of satellite member.  I'm not completely done with Univox Choir.  Who knows, maybe I'll get the itch to sing again once the weather turns nice again.

On another note, I got a message in the middle of September from my buddy from the choir who also happens to DJ.  He mentioned to me that Univox wanted to hold a fundraising DJ night in Oct.  Cool.  However, they wanted to hold the fundraiser in the same place as we did it in the summer of 2012.  I raised my concerns about that and suggested that there may be a better venue.  After some back and forth and getting a hold of the owner of Tota Lounge on Queen, they changed the venue.  And it was good that my friend informed me a month before the 19th.  I was able to get some practice in on his Serato system.  The party was off the hook.  I barely play out anymore and playing that night was a lot of fun.  Although, there were some technical difficulties during my set.  At one point, one of the tracks started skipping and my buddy had to troubleshoot the issue in the middle of my set.  Then part way through my set, the booth light went off, either the bulb got loose or they completely shut it.  We had a lamp under the laptop but that too was low on battery and went out.  So I was spinning in complete darkness.  Surprise, Halloween came early for me, it was really scary playing in complete darkness.  We recorded my set but I had such a tough time beatmatching that night that I wasn't too thrilled with it.  Also, we didn't have the proper slip mats so the time-code records were slipping too much.  Every time I tried to just nudge it, it would skip several beats.  It was one of the toughest sets I've played.  Luckily, I didn't trainwreck at all, except near the end when the beats weren't completely matched.  Everyone had a lot of fun and said I did a great set.  At the time, I wasn't happy with my set, but after listening to the recording, it wasn't that bad of a set.  No one noticed that the phrasing was a bit off as I had to constantly re-cue.  The beats were matched for most of the entire set, however, since I was DJing in the dark, I wasn't too aware of my levels.  So in the recording, one channel is lower than the other.  Suffice to say, I didn't want to post that set.  Instead, I made a small mix using some of the tunes that I played during that night.  Here it is in it's entirety and you can stream it right from here:

I had loads of fun that night and hope they do another fundraiser soon.

Anyway, that's all from me for now.

Monday, 10 June 2013

No more English...

Yay, I just did my final English exam.  It was pretty easy, just like a test, not really that long.  And my class mark going into the presentation and exam is 86%.  I've done pretty well on some of the test, scoring near perfect on some of them.  Time to celebrate, I'm having a beer as I blog.  Plus, it's my birthday today, I just turned 32.  I asked my older sis if we can get a cake and she's like, "If you want."  Lets hope it's ice-cream cake.  

And yesterday, we just did our final show of the season with my choir, Univox Choir.  It went pretty well, but not a lot of people showed up however.  But it was a pretty hard piece that we performed, Bruckner's Mass No. 2 in E minor.  I had a few mistakes while singing, but I also noticed our best tenor voice also made a few minor mistakes.  I was counting on him to be perfect so if I screwed up I can rely on getting back to the right part with him standing next to me.  But while we were singing, I was off and he was off sometimes too.  But seriously, that Bruckner mass is really hard.

On a more disappointing note, I had a run-in with a Toronto cop yesterday on my way to the church.  I was riding my bike eastbound on Bloor crossing at the intersection of Ossington.  I had my headphones blasting the Bruckner mass and I didn't hear that an ambulance was on it's way to the intersection heading north.  As I got to the green light, I saw that there was an ambulance coming up the street at least a block south of the intersection and as my breaks on my bike aren't that great, I decided to go for it instead of stopping, as trying to stop at the speed that I was going at would have made me stop at the intersection and block the ambulance's way.  There was no chance of stopping safely without blocking the ambulance, so I went for it.  Minutes later, just a block away, I got pulled over by this police car.  I tried to plead with the officer that I was sorry, that I didn't hear the sirens and was in a rush but he would have none of it.  He started berating me and yelling at me at the top of his lungs.  He took my health card as ID as I don't have a drivers license, went back into the police car and did the usual things.  Then he came out with 2 tickets and explained to me that he has a personal vendetta against cyclists, that he hates cyclists, and then handed me the tickets.  I was shocked to find the fine for each ticket was $495.  I couldn't believe that.  He told me I deserved every penny of those tickets, and if I was going to fight the charges, he would be submitting video evidence.  And then he drove off.

Luckily for me, a pedestrian witnessed how the cop pulled me over and the whole exchange.  This dude by the name of Leo came up to me and asked me if I was ok.  I told him I got 2 traffic tickets worth almost $500 each.  Then Leo said to me that he had witnessed the cop pull me over and that the cop car almost ran me over and ran me off the road.  Then Leo told me to take down his email and that if I needed him to help fight the charges, that he would be my witness to the incident.  I took down his email and thanked him for that.  In our exchange he was like that's unbelievable, I shouldn't even have been given such severe tickets, a warning would have suffice.  So now, I have to go down to Edward St.  within the next 15 days to resolve this issue.  I'm gonna fight these charges as they are so bogus.  One ticket is for failing to stop for an emergency vehicle and the other is careless driving.  In any case, I was on my bicycle.  I'm not operating a motor vehicle so there really shouldn't be that big of a penalty.  But that cop was the biggest prick ever.  So, just another headache to deal with.

But seriously, there's bigger problems in the world right now.  Recently, I've been following the news out of the US about the NSA's spying programme called Prism which has backdoors connected to some of the top tech companies in America like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple just to name a few. There wasn't any avoiding this news since Twitter blew up Thursday night when the story broke that same morning in The Guardian newspaper with Glenn Greenwald breaking the story.  I've had feelings about people being spied on in social media ever since the summer of 2010 when the G20 was in Toronto.  Questions arise as to how they arrested organizers way before the big protest on the Saturday, how else other than through social media.  So it doesn't surprise me to find out that the NSA has been spying on the world's internet since 2007.  The revelations keep coming.  Just yesterday, the whistleblower who blew the whistle on Prism revealed his identity in an interview with The Guardian.  Here's the link to the article and the full interview:

So when I heard about Prism, I came up with the idea to make some memes about the story.  Damning truth is always better swallowed wrapped up in comedy.  Here's one:

Here's the thing that shocked me.  As I was in the process of trying to make another meme, I was somehow blocked out of  Chrome was returning an error 501, which I know is when you're being blocked from accessing a specific IP address online.  So it seemed like someone found out I was trying to make another controversial meme through that website and that someone was blocking me from accessing that meme website.  So it dawned on me.  Maybe that's because FB, Google, and other internet giants track our online activity and they tracked me to meme generator trying to make another meme.  It seems logical that since the NSA has a backdoor to these networks and they could also find out about my online activity through FB and Google as well in real-time.  So, I then proceeded to the Chrome Web Store and installed some anti-tracking extensions for Chrome and also reset my modem to clear my IP address and obtain a new one.  After I did these two things, meme generator worked normally again and I was able to make my 2nd meme.  Here's that controversial meme I was trying to make but failed making it at first:

There's a couple of other memes in my memes album on FB.  But this one above was the tricky one to make.  The picture kept disappearing before I was completely blocked out of meme generator.  Suffice to say, they've got nothing on me.  I will be making more memes, and in terms of tracking my online activity, I've installed several different anti-tracking extensions so that no tech company can ever track me anymore.  Like adblock extensions, you need more than one of these kinds of extensions for them to all work in conjunction in order to stop their tracking.  I highly suggest going to the Chrome Web Store and searching for all the different kinds of extensions available for you to install to cater to your browsing needs.  I have a bunch, from adblock, YouTube, FB, Twitter, and now anti-tracking extensions installed.  

Oh, and if you need programs to optimize your PC, I've got the programs for you.  They are all freeware but really good programs to have.  I've uploaded an archive onto a cloud service for anyone who needs them.  Just hit me up on FB.  Anyway, that's all I've got for now.  Hope the weather will get nicer though, we've had quite a long time of bad weather lately.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Last stretch...

Once again, I haven't blogged in a long time.  I guess I just don't have enough stories to tell.  But I'm not completely doing nothing at all.  For the last couple of months, I've been busy doing a grade 12 English class at the adult school in Mississauga near Square One.  It's been an alright time, although, I've missed more than a few classes.  However, not enough to get me kicked out of the class.  The maximum number of classes that gets you kicked out is 20 classes missed, and I've now missed, I think, 17 classes, so it's getting close.  But we've only got about a week and a half left of school.  Our final exam happens to fall on my birthday, June 10th.

I'm turning 32 this year.  I feel like I'm getting really old now.  My family and extended family always complains about when and whether I'll get married and have my own kids.  I always tell them how should I get married when I don't even have a girlfriend yet.  My older sister always has some little things to complain about.  It seems she can always find something wrong with me.  I'm constantly shaking my head.  It's kinda annoying sometimes.

I never got my high school diploma all those years ago and once this class is finished, I only have another class to do.  However, I'm not taking summer school.  The World Issues class that I wanted to do starts at 8 in the mornings in the summer and I'd rather not wake up at 6 everyday to go to class.  Plus classes are 3 to 4 hours long so if you miss just one class you'll fall far behind.

Well, school has been fun at times.  I've made some friends there.  However, there has been some annoying group work at first.  The very first group work that we had, I was the one doing most of the work.  And I got into a disagreement with one of the girls.  Despite that, we did pretty well on our presentation.  Now, I have to prepare for a presentation on my own.  I have to find a poem that relates to the two books that we read.  The first book was King Lear, and the second book was The Kite Runner.  It should be alright but I have to really pack in the 10 minutes that I'm presenting.

With school, I've been barely working.  One day here, one day there.  The contracting office has barely called me for any shifts.  So I've been barely making any money lately.  But once I finish school and am off for the summer then I would be more available.  I'm planning to get a customer service job at a call centre and most jobs require a high school diploma in order to hire you.  That's why I'm doing these courses to get my diploma.  I'm hoping I can get a few more shifts once I finish this English course.  Money is kinda tight these days.

But I'm hoping to work hard at this new home-based business that my sister recently signed me up to and I wouldn't have to worry too much about not having enough money.  My sister recently signed me to be an UnFranchised Business Owner with Market America.  I've been taking this vitamin mix called OPC to help with the pain in my right knee and it has completely gone away.  It's a really good product and helps strengthen your joints.  OPC is part of a line of vitamins called Isotonix made by Market America.  But Market America isn't just a vitamin business.  I also have a shopping portal at and they've got hundreds of partner brands and products.  You can view their business presentation in the video below:

My cousin signed up sometime last year and my sister told me she's already making about 2 grand a month.  So I'm pretty excited about this opportunity.  Plus, I'm already taking one of their products to help my knee and I honestly live by it, taking it every morning.  Of course, it takes time to build up your business.  And once it starts growing, it keeps growing.  Of course, I have to pay back my sister for the money that she invested on my behalf.  We'll see where this goes.

I'm thinking of possibly going back to university after a couple years of working and going into either film and television or journalism.  I've recently been following a lot of political news ever since the G20 in Toronto.  I was down there during all the chaos that ensued after the riots broke out during the big protest on Saturday.  Here's some pics from that weekend:

That was a crazy weekend.  Since then, I've been listening to a lot of Democracy Now as well as watching RT and RTAmerica on YouTube and have become more politically aware.  So I think getting into journalism would be a good fit.  Or I could get into film and television as I have skills editing videos and photos.  I've been editing videos with Adobe Premiere ever since I was 15 when I had to learn how to edit.  I was given a video project from my ballet teacher to put together performances from our summer shows.  All in all, I'd have to say the future is looking promising ever since I moved to Mississauga to live with my family and am taking steps towards different goals.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Life is Art...Art is Life!
(Circa 2003)

The following is a poem I wrote back in 2003 just before we put together Performance pARTy at IT Nightclub.  Some friends and I formed Kazoku Productions back in the fall of 2002 to produce interdisciplinary performance art parties.  Our show at IT Nightclub was performed on Thrusday Jan 30th, 2003.  I can't believe it's been over ten years now since we did that.  IT Nightclub no longer exists.  It was at the corner of Church and Shuter Sts. but now there lies an upper-class condo development.  The facade is still in place though, but the inside has long since been gutted.  It was a really amazing space with the DJ booth overlooking a huge dance floor from a second floor catwalk in the center at the end of the room.  It's such a shame that such an amazing space had to go to be redeveloped for condos.  You can see a small clip of what that night was like at the beginning of our Random Steps videos on my YouTube channel: as well as one of the performances that took place that night.  It was a great night of fun had by all.  We had an audience of about 300 people who attended that inaugural night and had lots of great feedback from the success of such an event.  Without further adieu, here's the poem I wrote that encapsulated my experience and life at the time I wrote it.

Life is Art...Art is Life!
"And it all resonates on an amazing frequency!"

If you fail to plan the party,
You plan to fail the party.

Close your eyes and open your mind to a world of possibilities.  See yourself in the past, experience the here and now, and envision what the future may be.  Ask yourself, "Who am I, what does life mean to me?"

It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from or what you do.  What matters is having an idea and having enough of the right people to believe in that idea.  That is the basis of all life in innumerable ways.  Life is an epic journey in a world filled with infinite stories.  The art of life is to create your narrative, to conceive your world, and realize your self.  You are the artist, the composer, the librettist, the choreographer, and the dramaturge.  You write your play and play your life whether wrong or right and left in day or night searching for that one bright light.  There your will shine and blind the blind and find the minds and souls of your kind.  Kindred spirits moving through space and time and their heartbeats will flow forthright through you with the rhythm of life.

Like an DJ spinning, you set the tempo and the pace and whoever can see and follow will dance to your music.

Life is Art...Art is Life!